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About Us

Mon - Fri : 8:00 - 5:00

We Are CFO Source

CFO Source is a full-service CPA firm capable of fulfilling all standard accounting services for small to midsize businesses. We also offer high-level CFO advising to help guide companies. Our attentive team has decades of notable experience from various industry sectors. We are passionate about assisting companies and helping them navigate the complex accounting and finance  world.


At CFO Source, our team is very flexible and willing to accommodate a wide range of client needs.


To better understand your needs, we place a high emphasis on face-to-face communication.


Our services empower people to understand their financial situation and make informed decisions.

Advisory Role

We serve as experienced financial advisors that guide you through the complex accounting world.

Meet Natalie

Before starting CFO Source, Natalie worked in the nonprofit sector for several years. She then moved into government work at the Department of Revenue. For 10 years, Natalie served as the department’s accounting director. After holding several high-level positions, she created CFO Source to aid small to medium sized businesses in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. With a high emphasis on guidance and personalized assistance, Natalie loves applying her 30 years of experience to help business owners battle financial challenges and reach new heights.  

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